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            Find a School

            Use the Find a School tool to lote your designated school, search by program, school name, grade level or keyword.

            Search By Address


            Interested in working at Edmonton Public Schools? Find out more about employment and job postings for all staff groups.

            • Custodial
            • Maintenance
            • Support
            • Teacher
            • Exempt

            More about reers

            Edmonton Public Schools Foundation

            The Edmonton Public Schools Foundation raises friends and funds to help children get ready for life. Learn about the programs they support and how to make a donation or attend an event

            More about the Foundation

            Board of Trustees

            CFE building

            Nine Trustees are elected to the Board every four years with a mandate to ensure Division students receive the best edution possible. Learn about the Board of Trustees and the upcoming 2021 Trustee election

            More about the Board